shortcode – wpv-calculate

This is a classic for me!

Many times I need to makes some mathematics with custom fields, for example, if I need to sum two values stored in two custom fields, or I want to calculate a percentage based on two values or any mathematics operation.

I can add this shortcode:

// Calculate shortcode

add_shortcode('wpv-calculate', 'calculate_shortcode');
function calculate_shortcode($atts) {
return wpv_condition($atts);

Then I can use this shortcode anywhere:

[wpv-calculate evaluate="..."]

The attribute “evaluate” can get any¬† mathematics operation and use custom fields as variables. For example:

[wpv-calculate evaluate="([custom-field-1] + 5) * [custom-field-2]"] 
[wpv-calculate evaluate=" [custom-field-1] / [custom-field-2] * 100 "] %

It is also possible to round the result adding PHP round() to the function return:

// Calculate and round shortcode

add_shortcode('wpv-calculate', 'calculate_shortcode');
function calculate_shortcode($atts) {
$atts = wpv_condition($atts);
return round($atts);

round() reference:

You can find this solution on this Toolset forum thread:

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